“Chatter is also a study in fascinating repetition: melodic and rhythm motifs are introduced and subtly altered as the soloists pursue counterpoint. It’s a cerebral work and the compositions and soloing throughout are superb.” - Ken Micallef, NYC Jazz Record

"On last year’s Chatter (Ears & Eyes) Chicago pianist Paul Bedal establishes himself as a sturdy practitioner of mainstream postbop, writing a series of elegant themes that are brought to life by a stellar supporting cast." -Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

"Everything comes together well on Mirrors, an album so well tempered that there’s just no way it could go wrong, and achievement for Bedal as a player, composer and leader." - Anthony Dean-Harris, NextBop 

"This is your standard straight-ahead modern jazz session, and all of these little things endow it with an individuality that is quite striking.  And enjoyable… plenty enjoyable, too." - Dave Sumner, Bird is the Worm